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Recipient of Living the Message - Love Award

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Article published by City Mckeesport News and the McKeesport Message Committee

The word "agape" is used to describe the notion of love, specifically the love that is shown when individuals give selflessly for the benefit of other. When Kelly and Mike Doyle formed the Mckeesport Agape Center, its ministry was born from the concept of agape, which requires faithfulness, commitment, and sacrifice without expecting anything in return.

The McKeesport Agape Center was incorporated on December 31, 2019. As local business owners of Doyle Mails It along Lincoln Way and administrators of a White Oak Facebook page, the Doyles have regular contact with the public. Every so often they would be asked for connection to resources for food and self-care, and the McKeesport Agape Center would meet that.

"We know we wanted to do something for the community, and we started to do a little but of outreach," Kelly said. "When COVID happened, our service went from helping a few families to helping fifty almost instantly.

Being able to provide for the McKeesport community, as well as others across the Mon Valley, brings a sense of purpose to the Doyle's lives. They said their faith as nondenominational Christians has guided them through the process of serving others in need.

"A lot of people ponder about the meaning of life, and they really don't know what it is," Mike said. "I've done a lot of things in my life, and they were just events. I've received awards and accomplished things in my work as an engineer, but I don't feel that that's my purpose. I think if you're doing something to help the world, then that's your purpose."

The Doyles make weekly connections with 412 Food Rescue and other agencies that distribute produce, bread, and other perishable foods throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. Currently, a nonperishable food drive is taking place at Doyle Mails It, 1133 Lincoln Way.

"Every persion who asks for help has an incredible story," Kelly said. "I am inspiraed by the things they are overcoming. The actual people we meet are what keeps us going every week."

The Mckeesport Agape Center is always in need of volunteers to help in packing and delivering food. For more information on how to help, reach out to the Mckeesport Agape Center on Facebook.

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